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Let Dugan & Lopatka Wealth Management assist you in successfully addressing all your financial goals.  

Let Dugan & Lopatka Wealth Management assist you in successfully addressing all your financial goals.  

Financial planning has a different meaning depending on where you are in your stage of life.  This could include planning for a specific goal, college, retirement, taxes, or end-of-life concerns.  Not planning for these events could result in you making less optimal decisions and negatively impacting your finances for years to come.  Let Dugan & Lopatka Wealth Management meet with you to uncover and develop those elements critical in helping you successfully address all your financial goals.  

Developing a plan is only as good as its implementation.  With more than 20 years of experience, Dugan & Lopatka Wealth Management's team of professionals meets frequently to create portfolio management solutions designed to meet your investment objectives.  Proper asset allocation is a key component in the endeavor to optimize return at each given level of risk.  Whether short-term, or long-term, we will develop and manage a solution customized to work towards your goals.


The idea of not working anymore will cross your mind during your life.  Whether you own a business or work for someone else, you will want to make sure you will have enough income to replace what you are giving up for retirement.  Running out of money in retirement is not an option.  You owe it to yourself to have a customized plan developed to help you successfully navigate through your golden years.  Let Dugan & Lopatka Wealth Management help get you there.


Capital markets are unpredictable and often volatile.  You are constantly bombarded with a deluge of information making it difficult to keep emotions from driving investment decisions.  At Dugan & Lopatka Wealth Management, our process for investing involves a diversified approach to asset allocation. By adhering to a strict discipline for due diligence and portfolio construction, we remove emotion from the process and focus on underlying fundamentals in an effort to reduce risk and improve returns. 


Is a trust, a will and powers of appointment appropriate for you to consider?  Leaving a legacy can mean much more than a transfer of wealth.  Properly memorializing your wishes is an important step in making sure your true intentions are fulfilled.  At Dugan & Lopatka Wealth Management, we will help guide your decision to a successful completion of an estate plan.


As much as you feel in complete control, life has many uncertainties.  While you cannot accurately predict catastrophic events, you can protect yourself from the resulting financial hardship.  At Dugan & Lopatka Wealth Management, we will thoroughly review all your assets and existing insurance policies.  Through a needs-based analysis, we will determine and recommend the insurance coverage that is most suitable for you.  Let us help you properly protect your assets.